Zeal to the Rescue!

Reading books is good—it opens the mind. Listening to inspiring talks is good—it lifts us up. Enjoying the companionship of other spiritual seekers is good—it encourages us. And, as the cheeky saying goes, “Sitting in a garage doesn’t make you a car.” Zeal to the rescue! It’s the power that motivates us to do something that will grow us spiritually. Doing something means taking the spiritual point of view and from that a spiritual action. Zeal is the energy to see and do something different. Rather than getting stuck in an old reaction, zeal motivates us to trust the Christ within to guide us. And even more, it energizes us to take constructive life-giving action.

When you find yourself in the same old rut, don’t use the same old strategy—the one that didn’t work last time. Instead, when you’re frustrated with someone, speak a silent word of blessing for them—even (or especially!) when you don’t mean it. When you’re upset with yourself, look in the mirror and ask the Christ within you to show you how much you are loved. When you feel lacking, take a breath and notice the abundance of air, yours free for the taking. When you feel alone and lonely, make a gratitude list. Better yet, you can make a habit of proactively blessing people, places, and things–before you are upset with something! These small moment by moment actions add up. Pretty soon you are living life like you mean it! And that sure feels good! This is how spiritual development happens—in fact it is the only way.

We are all a work in progress, growing into our innate wholeness. Progress not perfectionism! Zeal comes to our rescue motivating and energizing us to live the Christ within us with awareness and joy.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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