Youth and Family Ministry

This weekend, June 24th and 25th, Unity Church Austin is having a Youth & Family Ministry Training/Workshop. How do you define family? Perhaps the first images are that of your family of origin and your current family. We may be married or have a partner, some of us may have children and/or grandchildren and extended family members. We also have close friends, and our work families and our church or spiritual families.  Family is a kinship unit. When we are connected to someone they become our family. That connection helps us to see ourselves as worthy.

And that is what the Youth and Family Ministry is about. It is not just about having teachers every Sunday for our youth, though that is so important. Just imagine for a moment, if as a child, you were told at least once a week that you were worthy, you were so loved, that you were this magnificent creation and expression of the Divine….how would life be different for you as an adult? Yes, having our rooms opened every Sunday so that all youth know that they are loved just as they are is vital! For us, for our Spiritual and wider community, and the world!

The other part of our ministry is Family. We truly are all One family. How can we create opportunities for better connections? The possibilities are limitless!  How can we, as a Spiritual community, as a family, do better?

I invite you to come to our Youth & Family Ministry Training & Workshop and share your vision and ideas for bringing the possibilities into manifestation.  For with God ALL things ARE possible!

To register please go to our website:


Love, Light, & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol


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