You’re Invited!

One would think that the great prosperity writers were floating in a sea of riches when they published their books.  Quite the contrary!  Charles Fillmore wrote his book Prosperity when the United States was in the throes of the Great Depression and Unity School sometimes had difficulty meeting its payroll. Catherine Ponder, our Unity of Austin founding minister, wrote her book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, while she and her young son were living in a one-room apartment supplied by her ministry during one of the deepest recessions in Alabama history.  The conditions around these two authors and indeed the conditions in their own lives appeared to be heading toward disaster. Thank God, literally, that they were both people who did not give up just because they had reached the limits of their human understanding.  They could see that the end of the road was really a turning point to a much bigger idea.  They were willing to expand their capacity rather than settle for a reduced life. They refused to listen to nay-sayers and kept moving toward their goal.  Their faith in God and their understanding of how they could co-create with God blossomed.  And thank God, literally, that they have shared that with us!  Whatever our challenge may be, on the deeper level of spiritual consciousness it is always the invitation to push beyond the limits of our human understanding.  What limited understanding are you ready to reach beyond?  What heart’s fulfillment are you ready to expand into?
In the Love and Light of the Christ,
Rev. Anna



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