You Are Enough!

Hope doesn’t mean an anticipation or expectation of a deliverance from an intolerable or oppressive situation or condition… True hope is trusting that what we have, where we are, and who we are is more than enough for us as creatures of God. That’s the meaning of hope—to trust in the ultimate goodness of creation.

Thomas Merton

The only thing that can possibly defeat us is giving up hope. Hope flees when our mindset places the power for solutions totally in outer experiences. That can look one of two ways. We may think that our help can only come from someone else. Or on the flip side we may think that everything depends upon us and our outer resources alone. Frankly, we are not enough to meet the challenges of life when we don’t marshal the full power that is available to us. Gathering that power requires us to open our minds and hearts to the invisible yet very real strength that lies within.

We are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe governed by spiritual principle. Living without that awareness is like trying to drive down the road in a car with no engine. It doesn’t get you very far. Living from spiritual awareness means that we can always count on help from within. There is wisdom, love, guidance, and power that comes through when we are willing to receive it. That takes growth and work on our part—the desire and intent to express our lives from the inside out.

Easter is the triumphant confirmation that the spiritual life is indeed the foundation of all creation. No amount of cruelty, corruption, hypocrisy, or betrayal could stamp out aliveness. Jesus expressed his Divine nature fully. He loved even when it looked impossible, he healed even when the diagnosis was dire, he produced abundance out of not enough, and he forgave things that seemed unforgivable. Jesus’ consciousness did not disappear. Instead it flourished! The Christ lives. Through it we are transformed. Jesus knew he was the beloved expression of the Spirit of Life. And he knew that everyone else is too.

Jesus is not the great exception. He is the great example. He made a way in consciousness that all of us can follow. He demonstrated beyond doubt who we all are. That is why we can trust hope. We can choose to keep going forward even when things look impossible. We can choose not to stop before our resurrection. We can know that we are indeed enough.

Easter Blessings of Christ Love and Light,

Rev. Anna


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