Wonderful Year Ahead!

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Jesus the Christ in John 10:10

2020 is already a marvelous year! So much old restrictive consciousness surfaced and dissolved in 2019 – often in unsettling ways. However, in the view of the great metaphysician Emmet Fox, when your world is rocking, let it rock! When the rocking is over you will find that the old, too-tight ideas and the conditions they had constructed have been cleared. In this new spaciousness there is freedom, energy, and clarity to build your life and world from a deeper wisdom.

We tap into that spiritual wisdom by paying attention to our inner life. Taking even a few minutes each day to step back from busyness and tasks opens us to the flow of God’s Presence. Many resources are available to support you. Reading Unity’s Daily Word message for the day on your phone or in print (available in our Hearts and Wings Bookstore or by subscription) can shift your perspective from tunnel vision to splendid possibilities. A call to our Unity of Austin Inspiration Line, 512-892-3010, for a recorded uplift can open your heart to your Christ Light. For more personal support through prayer, you can send a prayer request to our Unity of Austin Prayer Ministry. You can also phone Silent Unity’s 24/7 Prayer Ministry at Unity Village 816-969-2000 or request prayer through the UPRAY app.

There are so many ways to become aware of God’s love for you and to let divine ideas of abundance, good, and well-being take center stage in your view of yourself and the world. 2020 is already a marvelous year! We go forward creating our lives from the foundation of peace, harmony, and love. We radiate joy into the world and have a constructive effect on everyone we meet. Our Elder Brother and Way-Shower Jesus the Christ taught us to love and bless. 2020 is the year that we live that path with great intention and power!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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