Who’s On Your List?

prosperityOK, who’s on your list?  You know—the list of people you will NEVER EVER forgive.  No shame, we all carry one of those around in our back pocket—it’s a human thing.  The problem is that it weighs us down and it keeps whatever the hurt was still hurting.  Looking at my own life, I’ve realized that I keep my list around as a kind of shield.  It seems like if I hold onto it those people or people like them can never hurt me again—I’ve got their number.  Nice theory.  However it doesn’t work.  It does the opposite—it ties me to what I don’t want with a chain of iron.  Hmmm…   What sets me free?  Forgiveness—my willingness to give the old hurt, myself, everyone involved—the whole business over to God.  Yes, that’s easier said than done.  I find it is a process.  It’s a matter of one day at a time “feeling out after God,” as the old time metaphysicians liked to say.  It’s about finding that God loves me and that love is bigger than any human hurt.  Letting it go into God’s love is a practice.  And it works.  Put a new label on your NEVER EVER list.  Try naming it “God’s Got This—Love Works.”  You’ll find you and God have created a miracle.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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