Who’s My Neighbor!

teamTraumatic incidents have a way of answering this question very quickly.  A few years ago while serving as the Transitional Senior Minister of Unity of Dallas, I found myself in the midst of a potential tragedy.  As I was walking across the post office parking lot to my car, I looked up to see a city bus pulling out in a left turn from the transit station across the street.  At just that moment a man in a motorized wheel chair started to roll across the intersection.  The bus driver could not avoid him.  The man was bumped by the bus and dumped out of his chair onto the street.  The bus driver ran out to help while the man’s companion collapsed into hysterical crying.  The bus passengers were anxiously peering from the windows to see what the problem was.  I went over to see if I could help.  As the driver was contacting EMS, I held the wailing companion in a close hug to comfort her.  EMS arrived to give aid and needed to talk with her.  I saw the situation was in hand and turned to leave.  Unknown to me a small woman dressed in a long coat, her hair covered with a hijab, had been a loving, silent witness throughout.  I looked at her and smiled.  She smiled back and said, “It’s all right.  God takes care of all of us.”  We embraced in a hug and went on our way.  There we were that day—a Caucasian disabled man and his companion, an African American bus driver, a Muslim woman, and me, at a busy Dallas intersection—brought together so unexpectedly.  Who’s my neighbor?  That’s a no brainer.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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