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Who Are We To Love?

Who are we to love? Charles Fillmore, co-founder of our Unity Movement wrote in 1912, “Since we know each one of us is a part of a great whole, a member of one great family, it is no longer necessary to hunt for those who are our brothers. All men are our brothers. All women are our sisters. All are equal in the sight of the divine mind. All are bound together by one common tie in a great universal brotherhood with all life. … Nothing in this world of ours is more needed than love. Not the narrow selfish love that demands the exclusive possession of its object, not the love that holds its object so close it stifles it, but the broad generous love which expresses itself in kindly spirit to. all. Until such is practiced there can be no real, no universal brotherhood.” So, it’s crystal clear that we are meant to love everyone–those near to us and those far in the distance. Jesus surely demonstrated this in everything he said and did. A second question now arises–who am I to be that one who is so loving–do I have what it takes? The answer is “yes.” There is a catch however–loving so truly demands everything of us. It requires us to face ourselves. Honesty clears away lethargy and opens passageways for life-giving love. We reflect on what blocks our spiritual growth–where do I hold onto resentment, refuse to exercise constructive power, harbor hatred or prejudice? What vitalizes my spiritual growth–where do I come alive, what tickles me with joy, where do I find purpose and meaning? Our world is ready for a spacious, gracious flowing river of love. Don’t look around to see who might be willing to initiate that flow. Look into your own heart – you know you are the one.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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