What’s the Good Word?

What’s the Good Word?  You are!  You are God’s Good speaking out into the world.  Are you surprised?  Let go of your  pint-sized understanding of yourself and discover the power within you.  We humans are expressions of infinite Good.  God lives in us, through us, as us to expand good in the world.  That is our spiritual job.  Within us lies an unending source of constructive power, love, wisdom, and well-being.   It keeps us afloat, yes-even when we aren’t aware of it.  And when we discover our spiritual nature-wow-our life soars.  And the whole world is blessed.  Next time you encounter a blessing opportunity (AKA “problem”), pause.  Notice what you are thinking and how you are feeling.  If the “problem” appears to be much bigger than you are, ask yourself this question, “What would happen if saw myself as the powerful, grand Good Word that I am?”  And then speak your Word.  Keep it simple.  Try something like this-“I AM Goodness,” or “I AM Healthy,” or “I AM Abundance.”  You’ll discover this as voiced by playwright August Wilson, “You get to the point where your demons, which are terrifying, get smaller and smaller and you get bigger and bigger.”  You are the Good Word.  You are the blessing the world is ready for!
In the Love and Light of the Christ,
Rev. Anna



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