What Works?  What Doesn’t?

1inspiration600It’s easy to play the blame game—pointing the finger at either yourself or someone else.  While that may provide temporary relief from what is upsetting, it doesn’t improve a thing.  Blame never brings change.  Accountability does.  When we are ready for authentic progress we stop blaming and instead begin to reflect.  We open to the Presence of God within us and ask, “What am I doing in my life that is obstructing my peace and well-being?”  And we listen for the answer.  Then we go again to the Presence of God within us, opening to the vast love that lives there and ask, “How may I love myself more fully, how may I heal, how may I grow?”  The solution is sure to come.  We will find ourselves lifted into a greater quality of living, for we have opened a little bit more to love.  Blame never works.  Love always does.
In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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