What Did the Buddha See That Drew Him to Become the Buddha?

Buddhism was birthed out of Prince Siddhārtha Gautama’s recognition that human life is filled with suffering.  Having lived a sheltered existence within lavish palace walls, the prince was saddened by what he discovered on his excursion into the surrounding community.  Prince Siddhartha was so moved that he determined to find the way out of suffering for himself and for all humanity.  Through trial and error in several spiritually oriented practices, he realized that life is much deeper than our human experience—that we are spiritual beings and that all people are one with the One.  He found that suffering is relieved by living this great Truth.  How do we live it?  Most simply put, by the daily practice of compassion for ourselves and others.  Christianity and all faith paths teach this foundational reality and daily practice.  We find relief and growth by opening our hearts to others and to ourselves.  Compassion is the mighty power of love in action.  Love is everywhere.  It is our job to call it forth.  Do not be afraid to pour out your love onto the suffering you encounter.  In fact, as our Unity Movement co-founder Charles Fillmore wrote, “let it be an incentive.”

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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