We’re All in this Together

We must raise our faith to the very highest in us and rest in the assurance or substance of its reality. 

Charles Fillmore in “Jesus Christ Heals”

Here we are in the midst of a triple whammy – corona virus, the disease of systemic racism, and an upended economy. These quite urgent situations have not come to destroy us. Quite the opposite – they have come with a gift in their hands. The Sufi poet Rumi understood the deep opportunity within adversity, “These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.”

What’s their message? To stop thinking small. Stop thinking we come into this world empty and void of meaning. Stop seeing ourselves, other people, or our earth as things to be dominated and used. These pains we feel are inviting us into relationship. We are called to value ourselves and the gift of life, knowing we are full of good and have an essential part to play. We are urged to feel our inner life and allow it to nourish us. We are shown that all people are our sisters and brothers and that we stand together in circles of love and understanding. We are awakened to the truth that this earth and all of her inhabitants are very much alive and to be treated with respect.

Throughout human history there have been moments like the one we are living, times when humans reach a harsh bottom. These are the moments of profound invitation, opportunities for authentic transformation. Not just change, but movement into a new level of awareness where we see with our souls. In this moment we are pulled to find the very highest and greatest that is within us, to touch into it, to feel it, to become fully acquainted with it, and to live it. Everyone is needed for we are doing a big work – bringing God’s love and life into full expression. We are all in this together.

In support of our oneness I invite you to join me in this prayer –

Thank You God for the gift of being present at this time in history. We are guided and empowered by Your love as we place our faith in the very highest in us and express it fully.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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