Weeds in the Bluebonnets

Most mornings I walk in my neighborhood enjoying the cool air, and now that it’s springtime, the budding trees and flowers.  A yard I pass by has a small patch of bluebonnets that have been in bloom for a week or so.  They are beautiful.  I love the purple-blue spikes, gently waving in the breeze.  This morning I noticed something new-weeds!  Big, green, furry tall ones!  In the midst of the bluebonnets!  My first urge was to get into what was none of my business and pull them out.  Fortunately I restrained myself.  And then I got the lesson-they aren’t so bad.  Actually they’re kind of pretty.  And they make a nice green contrast to the delicate purple-blue.  So it is with our lives.  There are always some things that on first glance don’t seem to fit.  But with a closer look, we see that even those aspects of ourselves have a place and a purpose-and most likely a special beauty.  Noticing this is a sign of spiritual growth.  Growing spiritually is not about getting “good” or “perfect” in a perfectionistic sense.  It’s not about plucking out “weeds” so called.  Rather it is about becoming more whole-accepting every part of ourselves and knowing that God loves us.  We are loved as we are-and our consciousness is expanding to express more and more fully our spiritual nature and values.  This is the lesson of Lent.  Over the next two weeks I will immerse myself in this profound Lenten lesson.  I am journeying to Ireland to study with the Jungian Center of New York and the Benedictine monks of Glenstal Abbey, and then to visit dear friends a few hours north of there.  I am grateful for this time of rest and renewal, for this time of increasing self-acceptance and diving into God’s love.  You too here in Austin will also have a deepening time, a growth into greater self-acceptance and love-it’s just how Lent works.  I look forward to seeing you on Palm Sunday as we come back together to walk into the week most Holy.
In the Love and Light of the Christ,
Rev. Anna



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