We Get to Decide

And without warning our focus on things faded and all that really mattered was what kind of human I decided to be.

Jim Storm

In the midst of crisis what is deep within us usually shows up. When the pressure is on, pretense dissolves. I find that I like and am proud of some of what surfaces. And not so much with some. Difficulty turns to opportunity through my willingness to acknowledge both aspects of myself. Noticing what shows up in my attitudes, words, and actions brings me to the possibility of growth. I ask, “What can I learn? How can I grow?” I catch a new vision of myself – my potential and my power – and so engage my ability to express a more fulfilling world.

This innate ability to expand our vision even in the most difficult times stems from our spiritual nature. The world of materiality is of course limited in time and space. Things come and things go. Conditions are established and they dissolve. Spirit is never limited. Though unseen, it is the very matrix out of which all that is seen comes. The more we become conscious of our spiritual identity and the more we trust that we are living in a spiritual universe, the more gracefully we move through the comings and goings of the material world. We become conscious creators. We bring the qualities of love, abundance, joy, and inclusion into our lives. We bring those qualities into our communities. We go forward rather than staying stuck in fear loops.

All the potentialities of God lie within me. All the potentialities of God lie within every person and every aspect of creation. I can call them forth and so create a more loving world. I get to choose. What kind of human do I decide to be?

In the Love and Light of the Risen Christ,

Rev. Anna


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