Universal Connection

Do you sometimes get so busy that the week seems to go by so quickly that it seems you didn’t even get a chance to rest? Yes, me too. Taking that moment to pause, to find a sense of wonder, a sense of connection is vital to our own sustainability.  I find that at the end of a long day that comes at the end of a busy week, simply stepping outside on a clear night to look up and see the stars, can give me that. A reminder of the natural beauty that always exists, and how vast this universe is.  And how not even the brightness of the city lights can dim the brilliance of the stars.

Scientists have found that not only are the same elements that make up stars within us, they are also discovering how the complexities and structures of the human brain are similar to the cosmic networks of our galaxies in the universe. The similarities aren’t just in their structures, but also in appearances.

Science continues to discover what mystics for thousands of years already know, we are all connected. Always. We are all created from the One Source. Humans, plants, animals, even galaxies. So on those evenings when you need to feel a sense of connection, a sense of awe and wonder, step outside and look up to the stars and know that the light they emit is the same brilliant light within you.

Love, Light & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol



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