Trusting the Divine

One of the gifts of spring is feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin.  It is a gentle reminder that new growth is already budding.  To really take it in though, we must be willing to let go of the experience of winter’s gloomy chill.  Entering the Lenten season prepares us for our Easter resurrection.  It invites us into release- for-give-ness of what has chilled us.  Life happens.  We all have difficult experiences.  We may say, “why me?!”  That’s OK.  As we work through our emotions, we come to the spiritual understanding, “why not me?”  That doesn’t mean that life’s pain is trivial.  It just means that we are human and stuff comes to all of us.  We have the opportunity to use hard times for learning and growth.  Growth comes through our willingness to let go of the idea that God is in any way absent.  Lent is a powerful spiritual space through which we release thoughts, words, or actions that tell us we are separate from God.  In this clearing we turn our trust to the Divine.  May your Lent be a true one and your coming resurrection amazing beyond your current comprehension.
In the Love and Light of the Christ,
Rev. Anna

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