The Gift of Sacred Service

We often think of scared service as a gift we give to our Spiritual Community, and it is. Without those who give of their time, treasure and talents, this community could not survive or thrive as it does. I have found in my own experience that one of the unexpected gifts of sacred service has been my own transformation and growth.\Though I had attended Unity of Austin, sporadically, since 1992, it wasn’t until 2004 that I made a commitment to my spiritual growth. I became a member and became involved in sacred service. Throughout the years I have worn many hats. Each one bringing a gift of growth and expansion within me. I discovered gifts I didn’t know I had. Those gifts led me to the ministerial path.

Sacred service didn’t just lead me to a new career, it led me to a new life, a new way of seeing, thinking, of Being. Through it my faith was nurtured and it grew. I continue to grow in faith and understanding. My life has been enriched financially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually as I live in and from the circle of giving and receiving. I have increased more into my own Divinity.

This year as we look at ways that we can boldly activate the powers within us, I invite you to consider Sacred Service as a pathway to igniting that flame. We have many opportunities for you here and we welcome you as you are!

Love, Light & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol


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