That Irritating Fellow, Jesus

Jesus was an irritating fellow—every time somebody wanted a simple answer to a simple question, he had to twist it around somehow so they had to look at their whole situation from a completely new point of view.  It’s almost as he were saying, “Why don’t you try standing on your head and seeing life from that perspective? It’s quite fascinating and it might give you a fresh way to go.”

I think he knew that underneath the requests for simple answers there were much deeper anxieties. And, loving compassionate man that he was, he always went for the heart. He was about healing lives and expanding souls, not quick fixes so called.

We are all quite aware that we Americans are right now in an experience of “standing on our collective and individual head(s).” No matter where any of us might have staked our political stand, it is a painful and scary time.  Why?  Because we are standing on our head(s) and everything looks different. The good news is that it is the Christ within us that has invited us into this uncomfortable position—not because God creates suffering. Oh, no—but because our Christ nature loves us too much to allow us to live in ways that stifle, stagnate, and shut down ourselves or anybody else. God is issuing us an invitation to step into the spiritual values we hold so dear—love, inclusion, and fulfillment of divine potential.  In this time, go ahead and ask the simple questions, yet expect no simple answers. Know that God will reach into your heart, touch your anxiety, and embrace your soul. Be ready to stand on your head—with gratitude for the invitation!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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