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Take a Risk!

What does it take to thoroughly get out of bondage?  The Biblical story of the exodus of the Israelites from enslavement in Egypt has much to tell us.  First, Moses heard God’s call to step up, return to Egypt and lead the people out.  After significant wrangling with God over this daunting task, Moses said yes.  Once in Egypt, he had to deal with Pharaoh, who as you might imagine was not enthused about this idea.  Only when Pharaoh’s suffering exceeded his payoff, did he tell Moses to take his people and get out of town.  The people were inspired with this vision of freedom and followed Moses into the journey.  Then they encountered the first obstacle–the Red Sea.  Oops!  And Pharaoh having a case of “seller’s remorse,” had sent his army after them.  There they were.  What to do?  God told Moses to stretch out his hands and part the waters.  Legend has it, that though Moses did as God told him (Moses was pretty good at listening to God by this point), the waters didn’t part until the first Israelite put her foot into the water.  That’s the deal.  Yes, we need to learn all we can about spirituality.  Yes, we need to pray.  Yes, we need to meditate and listen to God.  Yes, we need to learn to hear God speaking to us all the time.  And, the waters hemming us in to our enslavement finally part when we take the risk to get our feet wet.  As we are preparing for our Easter resurrection during this season of Lent, we are learning to set ourselves free.  We are not alone.  Our Brother and Way-shower Jesus Christ is with us as we muster the courage to take a risk.  Then waters part and we walk into our freedom.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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