Sleeper Awake!


I hope the well-worn expression, “May you live in interesting times,” brings a wry smile to your lips.  Certainly there is much stirring in our country and in our world these days.  It can feel unsettling to say the least!  We might be asking, “Where is God in all of this?”  Well, God is right where God always is—everywhere—“God is a circle whose center is everywhere, and circumference is nowhere,” (Nicholas of Cusa, 15th century German mystic).  A question that has more growth potential for us is, “How dear Mother-Father God may I experience You more fully in the midst of these circumstances?”  Courage is required to ask that question and even more courage is necessary in order to sit still for the response.  Probably some feelings will surface, some old ideas will present themselves for assessment, and perhaps even how we understand the world and our place in it may shift.  While this isn’t a comfortable process, it is a necessary one.  Spiritual growth always calls us to shed what is confining, what is destructive, what restricts ourselves and other human beings.   As space is freed up in our thinking, feeling, and action, we shine the light of the Christ so much more brightly.  Love, peace, inclusivity, respect, and abundance become ever more actualized in not only our own lives, but in every person’s life.  Our country and our world is going through a time of release—all that no longer serves us is surfacing to be seen, acknowledged, and let go, so that humanity may move forward into greater wholeness than ever before.  God is pressing upon each of us from within, inviting us to shine.  “… for everything that becomes visible is light.  Therefore it says, ‘Sleeper, awake!  Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’ “  Ephesians 5: 14

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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