Shine The Light – Heartnotes

You Are Meant to Shine! 

OK, admit it–all of us at some time or other have felt jealous of somebody else’s success. That’s normal and quite human. But it doesn’t feel very good. And it doesn’t get us anywhere except down in the dumps. However, if we understand envy from the spiritual point of view, it turns out to be one of God’s most generous invitations. When we see something in another person that we wish we had, it is that very quality within us speaking up. It is calling out to us, “Hey, notice me! I’m ready to shine! Take the risk to grow me and show me.” It may be difficult to accept that we actually possess that desired quality, much less the possibility of its blossoming. It may seem way far beyond us. But it isn’t. Be assured that when we see that good outside of us, it is because it is ready for us to take action on it from within. Try this prayer and action experiment–next time you feel envious of (or happy for!) someone else’s success or situation, take it to God in prayer. Ask God to show you how that good lives in you. Here is a powerful affirmation to use, “Thank You God that this Good (name it) Lives in Me. I Am Worthy to Express It in the Way That is Uniquely Me. Your Guiding Light Directs My Steps.” And then be willing to move your feet! Every one of us is here on a Divine Mission that is distinctly ours. We are important to God. We are important to the world. We are necessary to the people and community around us. Every one of us is meant to shine! Take courage, step out, shine on!


In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna  


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