Seasons of Change

It is that time of year where one season, in this case Winter, is exiting and Spring has stepped back and forth between the doorway. Just as I was pulling summer clothing out and beginning to put winter sweaters away, the forecast calls for some cooler conditions, maybe even winter precipitation. What? It’s March, in Texas! And the bluebonnets are out.


Like our Texas weather, seasons of change within our own lives can seem to switch back and forth with the storms that move through. Sometimes it takes awhile to recover from them, other times we move through them effortlessly.  Not all changes come with storms.


Here is what I have learned, and continue to learn; how I weather the seasons, especially the transitions between them, depends greatly on how grounded I am. Staying connected with that Power within me strengthens me, even when I’m wobbly. And I do get wobbly. And I don’t give up, rather, I give in to Spirit.


Throughout our lives we experience and live through various seasons of change. It is simply part of our human experience. Grounding ourselves in that Mother-Father-God Presence within us through prayer, meditation, community, and loving ourselves and others through them makes a difference. In it there are always blessings, always new growth, always life!

And, don’t put those winter sweaters away just yet. Let us kiss Winter goodbye once more and embrace whatever Spring brings us.

Love, Light, & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol


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