Sacred Circle

This Sunday in  Sunday school classes, our youth will be starting a new curriculum, Living Curriculum and the first series of lessons is about creating a Sacred Circle. The intent is to provide a space and understanding for relating to and connecting with the Divine, God. Some of the elements they will bring and/or create for their Sacred Circle are votives (battery operated of course), prayer boxes, affirmation and breath cards, kindness notebook and of course the Christ candle.  The youth will create some of their own elements to bring home to create a Sacred Circle with their families. How wonderful is that?

Do you have a Sacred Circle? Many of us have a prayer and meditation practice and have a space we have created for that sacred time. We may not call it a Sacred Circle, and yet that is indeed what it is. It may be quite simple, a candle, a sacred object, a favorite chair. Or it may be elaborate with an altar.

I have found with my own practice that having a special space has made a difference. Simply being in that space relaxes me, mind, body and soul. Perhaps it is just the space we are in that moment for meditation, that makes it the Sacred Circle. What makes it sacred is our own intention, our own consciousness, our willingness to be open and receptive to that Divine Power within us.

I invite you to consider creating your own Sacred Circle and finding or creating elements that are sacred to you. A consistent spiritual practice of connecting with Spirit will make a difference in your life.


Rev. Carol


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