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Rise Above and Stay Strong

A friend recently shared this story–  “One day, a teacher wrote the following on a blackboard:  1×9 = 7; 2×9 =18; 3×9 = 27; 4×9 = 36; 5×9 = 45; 6×9 = 54
When he was finished, he looked to his students and the class started laughing.  When he asked why, one student pointed out the first equation was wrong.  The teacher responded by saying “I wrote the first one wrong to show you something very important.  This is how the world will treat you.  You can see I wrote five other CORRECT answers, but none of you gave me recognition for that – you all laughed and criticized me for the one wrong thing I did.  The world will not always appreciate the good that you do, but it will put you down for one mistake you make.  Rise above the criticism and stay strong.”

Good advice.  As we grow spiritually we learn an important truth – God never criticizes nor condemns us.  God sees us as we are – full of light and intelligence, radiant with love, and always walking toward higher awareness.  Yes, we stumble and fall sometimes.  Like a child learning to walk these are natural opportunities to learn, rise above, get stronger–not occasions for self-berating.  With a simple choice, we too can see ourselves the way God sees us and speak to ourselves kindly–the way God does.  We can’t control what other people say about us or how they act toward us.  But we do have an immense power–the power to decide what we will say to and about ourselves and how we will act toward ourselves.  When we determine to get our view of ourselves from God we rise above anything the world slings our way–and we grow strong.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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