Praying for Peace


“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” John 14:27

This has been a hard news week to follow with the attack on Israel by Hamas and the beginning of another war. It seems our world continues to erupt in violence and chaos, and may even seem to be increasing.  What can we do? What can I do?

I pray for the world, and envision one that is enfolded in God’s love and peace. Many are skeptical of prayer, of what good it does for one person to pray for peace? I know I do not pray alone, that there are literally millions of others around the world who are praying for peace.  In Unity we believe that prayer isn’t begging or beseeching to something outside of us to change things. Prayer is about connecting with that perfect peace within us, the Source of peace, God.  Prayer is about my shift into a higher consciousness, one that allows me to live from a place of peace. When I can govern my own thoughts, words, and actions so that they are peaceful and harmonious, I contribute peace to the world.

Peace first is an inside job. If I cannot be peaceful with myself and then my own community of brothers and sisters, how can I hope to see peace in Israel, in Ukraine, or anywhere.  Prayer is where I allow peace to be me, to radiate out from me and touch others. So I will keep on praying for peace, envisioning a better world, and know that I am making a difference…a peaceful one!

Love, Light, & Peace,

Rev. Carol


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