Persist! – Rev. Anna Shouse, Ph.D.


What makes it so hard for us to live the spiritual life?  I believe it is because we do not think we have what it takes to follow through.  We worry.  We say to ourselves, “Why go there, because I don’t have the courage, or strength, or wisdom or energy to make it anyway, so why try.  Why not just stay here in a sure thing—my little box.”  But our Christ nature persists.  It calls us forward.  It urges us to take risks, to fulfill our spiritual hunger.  Our Christ nature isn’t asking us to jump over our humanness.  Instead it urges us to value our human situations, our human emotions, our human relationships as pathways to realization of the power of God. That’s what Jesus did.  As we enter this Holy Week, the part of Jesus’ story where Good seems nowhere to be found, we reflect on those places in our lives where God seems to have gone missing.  We reflect on how Jesus embraced his humanity, walking this difficult path to find his life.  He followed through.  He did not quit.  And neither must we.

Richest blessings of love during this most Holy Week,

Rev. Anna



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