Peace in You, Peace in the World

World peace begins with inner peace.

Dalai Lama

We enter into this budding new year with great confidence in God, great confidence in good. We see the bright future for planet Earth and her inhabitants coming into fuller view. Does that seem like a foolish thing to say given the many challenges that are so evident in our world? It may if we are looking only at the outer circumstances we face, if our moods are rising and falling according to the tidings of the latest news report, or if our emotions are in constant reactivity to others. But we know something important, don’t we? We know that there’s more than appears on the surface. And therein lies our power.

In his writings Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of the Unity movement, always comes through with uplifted vision! He was a keen observer of the affairs of humanity and was unfailing in his ability to view them from the spiritual perspective. In his book Jesus Christ Heals published in 1939 as the clouds of war were beginning to gather in Europe, Fillmore writes, “These crude ideas about God (i.e. God as a big man in the sky sitting on a throne, etc.) and man having lost the sustaining thoughts of the race, old religions and governments dissolve and the world seems a chaos. However the wise see in all this the passing away of old ideas and old things to make room for the new. ‘Behold, I make all things new.’”

Mr. Fillmore goes on to remind us that, “His (Jesus’) great work was the awakening of men to certain fundamental truths of being. He taught the power of mind, thoughts, words. …But peace, harmony, and love must first be planted in the minds of men. Jesus gave us the consciousness of peace. ‘My peace I give unto you.’ The mind of peace precedes bodily healing. Cast out enmity and anger and affirm the peace of Jesus Christ, and your healing will be swift and sure.”

We live in an era where the importance of how we utilize our magnificent creative minds is more apparent than ever. As we continue to discover and expand our ability to express the peace that lives within us, we are participants in creating the world of peace, inclusivity, and abundant love that we all so sincerely desire. Peace in you, peace in the world.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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