Passing of the Key




For the past 21 months our spiritual community, Unity of Austin, has been in that liminal space of what was as we said goodbye to our Sr. Minister, Rev. Anna Shouse as she retired, and what will be as we searched for our new Sr. Minister.  This past Monday, April 1st, Pastor Leslie Woods, is our new Sr. Minister and I return to my position as Associate Minister. It is a Passing of the Key.

So what does a “passing of the key” mean?  Keys have been used symbolically for eons, as representing knowledge and success, as symbols of freedom and liberation, as a symbol of love, to prevent bad dreams, to ensure a safe delivery of a baby and many, many, more reasons. We use keys to open something up, and the possibilities that lay before us.

This Sunday as we celebrate Pastor Leslie Woods in the Passing of the Key Ceremony, we give her the Key whole heartedly. A key that symbolically means we are open and receptive and ready for the good that is ours to claim now! I am excited about our new Spiritual Leadership and ready to embark on this new journey with our community.  God is always good!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you during this interim. It has been a great honor and privilege. I am so blessed!

Love, Light, & Sparkles,

Rev. Carol

Associate Minister


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