Who’s On Your List?


OK, who’s on your list?  You know—the list of people you will NEVER EVER forgive.  No shame, we all carry one of those around in our back pocket—it’s a human thing.  The problem is that it weighs us down and it keeps whatever the hurt was still hurting.  Looking at…

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That Irritating Fellow, Jesus

Jesus was an irritating fellow—every time somebody wanted a simple answer to a simple question, he had to twist it around somehow so they had to look at their whole situation from a completely new point of view.  It’s almost as he were saying, “Why don’t you try standing on…

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Look Up!

The timing was all off and the choir rehearsing for the upcoming Easter service was getting frustrated!  Entrances were ragged—voices coming in at the wrong time and soloists missing their cues.  Nothing seemed to help.  In exasperation, the choir director exclaimed, “People!  For the final time—look up!”  That did the…

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