Owning My Crucifixion So I May Resurrect

This Holy Week before Easter and Easter itself is full of celebrations and special services for the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The metaphysical meaning of Easter from the Revealing Word by our cofounder, Charles Fillmore, is “The awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in man, which has been dead in trespasses and sins and buried in the tomb of materiality.” Easter in each of us is rising up to a higher consciousness, a Christ consciousness, and our oneness with God.
 Crucifixion metaphysically symbolizes any experience in our life which is an opportunity for us to cross out one more human error, or belief in that separation from God. In order to have that Easter experience, I know that I must first own my crucifixion experience. What I mean by that is to face what limitation or belief that still sees me as separate from God and still sees others as separate from God, and release it. See it for what it is, no matter what experience brought it to the surface of my consciousness, an illusion that I can ever be less than the manifest expression of God.
 It takes work, crucifixion. And sometimes it is a painful or a sad experience. And sometimes it is a happy and joyful experience. And I know when I own my crucifixion I will resurrect up to a higher consciousness, a Christ consciousness of oneness with God.
 I invite you to own your crucifixion and resurrect into your Christ consciousness of oneness with God this Holy Week.
Have a blessed Easter!
Love, Light & Sparkles,
Rev. Carol

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