Our Board and Staff


Our Board of Trustees is committed to serving from the Christ standard of love and wisdom and seeking God’s will of good for Unity of Austin in all matters. 





Our Staff is dedicated to expressing and expanding the Christ Light in every aspect of Unity of Austin’s ministry.

Rev. Carol Moncada

Rev. Carol Moncada, Associate Minister
Shortly after moving to Austin in 1992, Rev. Carol began attending her first Unity church, Unity of Austin. The Unity Principles became her map to a transformative life. As a member she served in various capacities including the Board of Trustees (President, Vice-President, Secretary), Adult Sunday School Facilitator, Worship Assistant and Guest Speaker. After retiring from the City of Austin in 2015 she followed the calling to ministry in a deeper way and began her ministerial studies with Unity Urban Ministerial School. After graduation and a nine month Internship, she was ordained a Unity Minister in June 2020. Guided by Spirit and fortified with her transformative map to share, she came to Unity of Austin as Associate Minister with a focus on Youth & Family Ministry and Prayer Team Ministry.

Sharon Bourbonnais
Sharon Bourbonnais

Sharon Bourbonnais, Music Director
Sharon brings the Austin music sound to Unity of Austin with heart and soul. Her amazing piano talent and heart-strong vocals get everybody singin’ and swingin’! Sharon holds a degree from UT-Austin in Music Education and continues to open the world of music to young keyboardists. You’ll find her in Austin and on tour with her group Tres Bourbonnais. Sharon has been Unity of Austin’s Music Director twice—from 1995-2001 and then after a fun change of scenery in Hawaii, returned to bless this ministry in 2012.

Janice Goodsell

Janice Goodsell, Manager – Hearts and Wings Bookstore
Janice brings her long history as a dedicated Unity student and her love of books to our bookstore. She makes sure classic Unity books and pamphlets, current topical Unity booklets, fresh spiritual authors, and lovely spiritual gift items are available for you.

David Patterson
David Patterson

David Patterson, Audio-Visual Director
David ensures the excellence of our sound and visuals on Sundays and for special services and performances.  His professional producing and editing skills shine Unity of Austin’s Christ light through our social media podcasts.  David is a classically trained violinist, who started playing violin at age 4. He is a self-trained engineer who started recording in 2000. David has been a working musician who has played with many central Texas bands and is the owner of Buda Treehouse Studios where he enjoys  producing audio and visual recordings for many of Austin’s amazing musical artists.

Shannon O’Conner

Shannon O’Connor, Bookkeeper
Shannon’s accounting training and credentials and years of professional experience keeps us running smoothly.




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