Opening Up to My Blessings

Many years ago I started a gratitude journaling practice not realizing what a profound difference in my life that would make. I am not as consistent in my journaling these days, but I am consistent in my gratitude practice.

On those days when everything seems to go sideways and I begin to feel overwhelmed, I take a break and breathe into the blessings that are in my life in that moment.  Centering myself into the good that is already here allows me to open up to more blessings. It allows me to release my hold, my focus on what I feel is not working and see possibilities that I hadn’t considered.  Sometimes, really more often than not, it means letting go of trying to do it all, to see that there are others who have talents and desire to do some of the things I’m trying to do on my own.

This practice of gratitude has broadened my vision. Where I may have at one time looked first for everything that is wrong, I look more often now for everything that is right and what the possibilities could be.

And so when days don’t go according to plan and that to-do list has not gotten any shorter, I am still grateful for what the day did bring me. It always brings something good, I just have to be willing to open up and see my blessings – those expressions of God’s good in my life!

Rich Blessings to You!

Rev. Carol


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