Opening New Doors – Heartnotes Jan. 25, 2018

Opening New Doors

Here at Unity of Austin we are celebrating the opening of our new weather-hardy, beautiful front doors and the 56th Anniversary of our founding.  In Fall 1961, Dr. Kelly and Rev. Dr. Catherine Ponder and a small group of faith-filled Truth students said yes to God’s calling to establish this ministry.  Rev. Dr. Ponder wrote to us last year, “The basic statement that appeared in our monthly bulletins was a Charles Fillmore prayer statement:  JESUS CHRIST IS THE HEAD OF THIS MINISTRY.  I AM NOW OPEN, RECEPTIVE AND OBEDIENT TO HIS INSTRUCTION AND GUIDANCE.”  That is one powerful statement!  It remains the foundation of this church community.  It reminds us that what creates vibrancy in our church is our commitment to the guidance of our Elder Brother and Way-shower Jesus Christ.  We are radiant as we grow into ever greater expression of our own indwelling Christ nature.  We’ve all  played the childhood game of threading the fingers of our hands together and making a steeple with our pointers while reciting the rhyme, “Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and there are the people.”  Our new wooden doors keep us secure while we go to our sanctuary within to make conscious contact with our inner Christ.  And they also open so that we can take our deepened awareness of God’s love and peace out into the world.  Our church is of course not the building.  It is us–we are the Body of Christ.  And we are part of the universal church.  This mystical church is the church of Christ Consciousness.  It is far deeper than organizational structure, church history, or the varieties of churches.  The mystical universal church is the deep consciousness dedicated to bringing spiritual values into expression in our earthly lives–“in earth as it is in heaven.”    Just as Jesus did, we too take our consciousness of God into service.  As we rely on spiritual instruction and guidance and are obedient to it–willing to grow–we walk through open doors to bless our world.  Thank you God for Unity of Austin and for the beautiful doors that both shelter us and open to invite us into service.  We consecrate the dedicate ourselves to the work of the Christ. 

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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