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Only Good Lives Here

Who lives in your house?  Maybe one or several family members or roommates, possibly pets, or simply yourself.  But what makes your house your home?  Your realization that God lives there.  That means that no matter what is happening, underneath it all is the flow of love and life.  Tension, quarreling, sickness, financial stress, or loneliness are not signs that God has packed up and moved out.  Rather, they signal our readiness to widen our pathway to joy.  They show us places where old wounds have shut us out of the sunlight of the Spirit.  They invite us to open our minds and hearts to constructive possibilities.  They give us prayers to bring to our relationship with God.  Where there is tension, we choose to bring peace.  Where there is quarreling, a quiet mind.  Where there is sickness, the power of divine life.  Where there is financial stress, the circulation of rich abundance.  Where there is loneliness, the realization of love.  God lives in your house no matter what.  Let that become real and your house becomes your home–your special and deserved sanctuary where only good resides.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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