New Year, New Adventure


For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth.” Isaiah 65:17.

 With a new year comes new beginnings, new adventures waiting to be fulfilled. I am excited about all the possibilities, all the new ways of living into this new year.

I also know that to step into it fully, with faith and continued enthusiasm, I must be willing to release the past year. To release all the “could have’s, would have’s and should have’s” and be thankful for the gifts and lessons received, both wanted and unwanted, and see the blessing in all of life’s experiences. Not always easy, yet I find necessary so that I continue to grow, to become more of my authentic Self.

I find the Burning Bowl service that we do on December 31st can help with the letting go. In a space of sacred meditation, I can lovingly list those things that no longer serve me. There is a freeing, a lightness felt as I watch the flames of a soft fire consume the list, telling me “It is done, move forward Beloved.”

This new year will bring new adventures, not just for me personally, but for our Spiritual community as well. I am excited, enthusiastic to see the many ways God expresses through us and as us as we continue to grow our Beloved Community.

Here’s to a prosperous New Year and exciting New Adventure!

Many Blessings to all!

Rev. Carol


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