Ministry Program Proposal

Got a good idea for a new ministry program at Unity of Austin? Here’s how to get started.

teamWe welcome creative new ministry ideas here at Unity of Austin. We are committed to good ideas that support spiritual growth; are grounded in spiritual principle and healthy human relations practices; support the purpose, vision, and values of Unity of Austin, and are supported with good follow-through. Thank you for bringing your idea forward. If you have an idea, complete the form below to bring it to fruition.

After you submit this form, the minister will meet with you to pray with you and to discuss your idea to see if it would be possible to implement it, and if so, how it can be best implemented. She will talk with you about developing the Purpose, Affirmation and plan for the new ministry program, and will assist you in connecting with staff, other programs, and volunteers in our church to get the new program going and keep it supported.

Thank you for bringing your creative ideas forward — that’s how we express as the Living Body of Christ!

Ministry Program Proposal

  • Describe the ministry program you are proposing.

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