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Making Connections

Don’t you love it when you’re feeling down and your phone rings.  On the other end is a friend who says, “I was just thinking about you and decided to call.”  That relieving boost in energy and mood comes because you feel connected again.  You’re literally back in circulation.  You realize you are part of living.  You matter.  It’s a simple concept, yet one that carries so much power.  Our health, physical and mental, depends on our experiencing ourselves as connected to life energy.  Yes, we need to be in relationships with people, and yes, it’s wonderful when friends reach out to us or we to them.  At the same time, our spiritual growth invites us to make a sturdy conscious connection with the energy of life through the avenue of our own mind and heart.  That’s actually where it is anyway–our friend’s call was simply the catalyst that reminded us to plug in.  Our lives grow richer, fuller, healthier and more harmonious as we take responsibility for developing a strong bond with our inner life.  We learn to see ourselves from the inside out–spiritually that is.  Jesus taught “The kingdom of God is within you.”  How do we inhabit that kingdom?  By taking a little time each day to dwell there.  It is our natural home, we just need to reacquaint ourselves with it.   Keep your dwelling time simple and gentle–take a constructive spiritual idea, focus on it, talk with God about it, and then sit in the Silence.  This unpretentious practice will transform you.  You won’t just be reading about the good life–you’ll be living it.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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