Love Makes Demands

2godislovehands copyLove calls us into places we may not want to go.  It demands vulnerability.  It requires self-examination.  It bids us be our right size—one beautiful expression of the Divine among many.  Love insists on connection.  That’s what we humans are doing in this world—learning how to be One expressing as individuals.  We bumble and fall.  Sometimes we put a scrape on another or on ourselves.  It’s all part of the process.  Everything can be healed, everything can be mended, if we are willing.  Love and Wisdom are two of our spiritual Christ Powers.  They work together to guide us into crossing those human barriers of fear and injury.  They lead us into Divine Justice, setting into balance what may have gone awry.  Wisdom shows us what is and is not needing to be amended—what is ours to do, and what belongs to someone else.  Love is the healing balm that impels us to take the action.  We are in the Advent mystery—impelled by hope to step into what we don’t yet understand, made uncomfortable by our desire for deep peace.  And now in this week of love, we are called to take action—“to come ‘round right.”  Love makes demands all right, for love is the way the Christ Child comes.  Be not faint of heart.


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