Love is For You!

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear;

1 John 4:18a

Warren Felt Evans, an originator of New Thought Christianity wrote in 1857, “Here are two different mental conditions, fear and love. They cannot coexist in the same heart. Much of the misery of this life is referable to fear. There is no emotion that more disturbs the soul, and is so opposite from this calm repose and tranquility which are characteristic of the purified nature, as fear.”

Love is the great reality. Love is the Truth that we are one with all people. In contrast, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real – the passing experience that we are separate entities. Fear propels us to look around and think there is not enough. It drives us to “get ours” before somebody else does! Fear can manipulate us to betray our own highest values and greatest good. Who needs it! We don’t – not as a habitual point of view. Sure, a rush of adrenaline moves us out of the path of an oncoming bus and that’s a good thing. But beyond a momentary motivation to move to safety, fear tells a false tale.

We can learn to stop listening to fear. In the quiet spaces between the raspy-voiced fear whispers, we learn to tell ourselves the truth. And that truth is – love is for me! What a “calm repose and tranquility” that brings. No matter your old thought habits or former experiences, today you can build your awareness of love. Don’t worry if you can’t see love anywhere around you. Find it within yourself. Take a full breath, feel the beating of your heart. Your heart is circulating love around your body temple as rich nourishment. Your heart is circulating the spiritual power of love throughout you as harmony, reassurance, and deep nurture.

Let fear go and know this Truth – God is Love, every person is Love, I am Love. Yes, love is for me!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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