Love in Action


“Love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no wrong to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law…” Romans 13:9-10

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to Love. Mostly it is focused on romantic love though little by little it is expanding that limited focus. Each of us can help expand that focus by being Love in action.  In fact, I believe we are called to express the love of God in this world by being that love in action. When we do we receive blessings on blessings in great measure and they are given in great measure through our radiating love.

How can we be Love In Action? There are so many ways. First we become grounded in that Divine Love, that innate part of us, that which we are. When we connect with that then we will be guided in how best to express that love in thoughts, words and actions. Being an active participant and supporting your Spiritual Community through your time, treasure and talent is a great way to practice this Love in Action.

Participating in your wider community is another way to express your love.  Voting for those who believe that ALL people are equal, worthy, and expressions of God. There are countless ways, the important thing is to simply be Love In Action!

Happy Full of Love Day!

Rev. Carol


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