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Living God’s High Vision

This Tuesday evening I had dinner with people from Turkey, Venezuela, Canada, India, Lebanon, and the USA.  My dinner companions were Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Lutherans, members of the Druze religion, and those who consider themselves spiritual but not religious.  We talked about religion, politics, our personal experiences, and our gratitude for the good in our lives.  We were interested in one another’s lives and perspectives–and there was not one harsh word or disapproving judgment.  Rather we were all enriched by these meaningful conversations with people who see the world differently from ourselves.  I came away from the evening uplifted and filled with hope for a bright future for our world.  I had a vision of the divisiveness that can blare so loudly being contained within a soundproof bubble while the rest of the world goes about its business of loving, enjoying, and creating good.  Where was I?  At the annual HOPE Awards sponsored by the Interfaith Action of Central Texas–iACT.  The message was one of love and inclusion, of compassion and the joy of differences.  This is the world God creates and we here at Unity of Austin are a part of it.  Every Sunday we affirm, “Our God is Love, our religion is Oneness, our race is human.”  That is the high vision we are called to live.  This world of fellowship is coming into expression in a big way.  Yes, we have to walk through all that is unlike love in order to bring it forth.  We can do that as we say “no” to what divides us and “yes” to all that makes us One.  As we walk in courage and faith we are doing what is ours to do to co-create this world of love.  Shine on!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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