Keeping It Cool

We are experiencing a really hot summer here in Central Texas with “feel like” temperatures up to 115oF. It can make it challenging to do outside activities or even just run errands. Often when temperatures rise outside, so can our inpatient and irritability levels. Keeping cool both externally and internally may require more focused attention.

So, how to do that? First recognize that these human bodies will react to environmental conditions and need to be taken care of. Prioritizing what needs to be done, especially during the heat of the day, and perhaps changing when we do those errands. Staying hydrated and nourished is vital.

Equally vital is the nourishment of our soul. How do you stay grounded and keeping it cool? Finding time for sacred pause(s) during the day can make a difference. I find that something as simple as a few seconds of mindful breathing and an affirmation can create a shift in me. As I breathe I can feel my body relax and temperature levels come down, physically and emotionally.

We cannot control the exterior temperature, but we can control our internal temperatures. Keeping it cool can be achieved with focused awareness and a spiritual practice of consistently connecting with God, that Divine Source within each one of us.

Keeping it cool,

Rev. Carol


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