Keep Looking Up – Heartnotes

Keep Looking Up

Yes, we have to look down and pay attention to where we are walking.  Yet looking up at the vista of sky and horizon gives us the reason to walk.  Life becomes meaningful by having a sense of larger purpose.  During his career, the forward-thinking psychologist Abraham Maslow interviewed people who felt fulfilled in their lives, who had a sense of joy.  He saw people as motivated by the aspiration to expand the expression of their deeper life.  His was a psychology of potential.  Maslow realized that to become, in his terms–self-actualized–one had to put feet on one’s possibility.  That’s what makes it so challenging.  We cannot spend all our time sky gazing, nor can we just plod along looking at our feet.  We must do both.  Jesus is the embodiment of this integration of heaven and earth.  His life and message are that God is not absent from the human experience.  Quite the contrary–God is within us and with us.  Living from this knowledge and experience, we are empowered to walk on this earth inspired by the creativity of heaven.  When you feel dull or stale, stop and take a breath.  Open your eyes, your heart, your mind and your soul to the life-giving expanse that lives.  You will find that you too are an essential partner in this endeavor called life.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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