It’s For Real—Now Get Out There And Live!

What happens after resurrection?  Living it.  Jesus was very busy with appearances following his resurrection.  He showed himself to his disciples, letting them know that spiritual life is stronger than death.  He reassured them that they had consistent spiritual guidance and help, and that with God good would persist.  So, what about you?  What has shifted in your awareness due to your overcomings this Easter?  I hope that you are feeling strength, power, and love with you more profoundly than you have before.  Put these into practice in your day, every day.  When you are faced with an obstacle bring to mind that God is bigger than that.  Affirm that with and within you is the strength, the power, and the love to live at a greater frequency.  Within you is what you need to feel better, act with greater integrity, and make wise choices.  Within you is what you need to be a blessing to all those around you.  Because you are living your resurrection you are the consciousness that sees good everywhere and so engenders constructive shifts around you.  Live your resurrection, and see all obstacles turn to stepping stones into greater living.  Resurrection—it’s for real—now get out there and live!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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