How Successful Are You?

How successful are you? What does that question bring to mind? Do you begin to think about the numbers on your bank statement or your job title or the neighborhood you live in or what your children or grandchildren are doing? These things may be a list of some of the facts in your life but none are true markers of success. For success is not measured by what you have but by what you give.

What are you giving? Each of us is a beautiful soul that came into this life blessed with many talents and abilities, interests and gifts. Our life flows when we give those. When we don’t, life is stagnant and dull. Conduct an experiment. It’s a great one because it’s a double win. Engage someone in conversation, expressing sincere interest and really listening to what they love about life, what they’re excited about. Right before your eyes you will see their face begin to glow, their eyes light up, and the flow of energy through their voice and body. God life is alive through them. In both of you what was sleeping has been awakened. You’ve just given the gift of your ability to listen and support. The other person has been empowered and encouraged to value themselves and give what is inside.

As we get the success equation in the right order all kinds of good things happen. Nothing can stop us from accomplishing all the dreams in our hearts. It is God that has planted those dreams and God who has given us the means to bring them into reality. I know it doesn’t always seem like that. Sometimes we feel like a tiny leaf caught in a tornado! However, that’s just a feeling—an experience. It’s not the truth about who we are. Actually it’s a God given opportunity to create in ourselves the character and consciousness we desire—the one we need to live our dreams. Confidence in your talents and abilities brings real, big, and powerful success. Gather up your courage and every day give to the world the gift of you. Then ask yourself, “How successful am I?” You know the answer!

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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