Heart Notes with Pastor Leslie Woods

Happy Friday, everyone! We received some wonderful “Divine Downloads” from you on Sunday and I am certain more will continue to flood in as we are riding this wonderful ride called “The Flow”! I am capturing the Divine Downloads and will be implementing some things soon and other will fold…

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Finding Meaning in Holy Week

This weekend, Sunday, March 24th, marks the beginning of what is known as “Holy Week”.  For those in the Christian faith, it is the time when Jesus returns to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), has the “Last Supper” with his disciples (Maundy Thursday), is arrested, crucified (Good Friday), and then resurrects (Easter…

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Spring Cleaning

March is the month many of us will do a spring cleaning of our gardens and our homes. Pulling weeds, cleaning closets and getting rid of what is not desirable or no longer serves us or it’s simply time to let go of. Lent is a time of spring cleaning…

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