2018 – Your Year of Miracles, Your Year of God Power, Your Year of Love!

What is a miracle?  It is simply aligning with the Creative Presence and Power of this amazing Universe.  I like to call that God.  You may have another name for it and that’s OK–after all spiritual power is spiritual power!  2018 can be your year of miracles, your year of God Power, your year of love.  Miracles happen in our lives as we learn to turn our attention away from the tunnel vision of fear and toward universal Love.  This calls us to develop new habits of mind and action.  Miracles are not necessarily sudden shifts.  They can be, but more often they are gradual awakenings to more expansive, love-filled ways of living.   Our church experienced this last Sunday in our Burning Bowl Ceremony.  It was mighty!  The movement of energy was palpable as each person in our congregation wrote down and came forward to release ideas, attitudes, and actions from 2017 that they are complete with.  After the service when we took the papers outside to be burned there was definitely a LOT of smoke–the smoke of release!  And when each person wrote their Letter to God communicating their own personal hopes and aspirations for 2018, the atmosphere was abundant with love.  In 2018 our church focus is on saying YES to God’s Power in our lives and in our world–to accepting that reality at the depths of our being.  Our lives and our world are ready for the power of love.  Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity Movement, back in the late 1800’s wrote, “One should make it a practice to meditate regularly on the love idea in Universal Mind, praying, ‘Divine love, manifest thyself in me.’  This produces a positive love current, which, when sent forth with power, will break up opposing thoughts of hate or unworthiness, and render them null and void … The love current is not a projection of the will; it is a setting free of a natural, equalizing, harmonizing force that in most persons has been dammed up by human limitations.”  Put your focus this year on God’s power of love and see miracles unfold within and for you and those special to you and in and for the world around us.  This Sunday in our White Stone Ceremony each of us will listen for and hear God’s new spiritual name for us for the coming year.  In some form and word special and unique for you, your new name will affirm the Presence and Power of God, love, and miracles in you.

Blessings of Love and Light for your Year of Miracles,

Rev. Anna


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