What’s Real Power?  The Ability to Create Good – – – – –

People are all about seeking power.  We look for it in money, status, prestige, knowledge, appearances.  There’s nothing wrong with power.  We need it.  The problem is that we don’t understand what it is.  We think power is our ability to climb up higher than the next fellow.  It isn’t.  Power is the ability to create good.  We only get it from deep authenticity.  Pretense can’t cut it.  The Michael Apted movie Thunderheart is the story of a young man estranged from himself.  A wise friend tells him, “You are as far from yourself as a hawk is from the moon.”  Circumstances converge to push him open.  The pain that drove him from himself speaks.  He listens.  He is freed to claim the self he had deserted.   And that’s when he has the power to take an amazing stand.  He has become of true service.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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