The Next Right Thing

What’s the next right thing in the midst of this huge challenge called Hurricane Harvey, the flooding and resulting loss of life and home that it has brought?  As always it is to take a breath and know that no one is alone.  It can sure feel that way, but it is not the Truth.  God and good, peace and love are always with each person–even when they don’t know it–even when the grief and confusion of loss cloud all awareness of good.  I hope that each and every one of you reading this has found your own family and friends safe and well.  And I hope that you too are safe and well.  I have been talking with several Unity ministers in the greater Houston area.  They are hanging in there with faith.  One told me he now has a year’s worth of Sunday talks in his heart!  Some of the congregations have had members that needed rescue and received it, and many that have property damage.  As far as I can determine, three churches have had buildings flooded and at least one is now able to move into clean-up mode. The next right thing is to give our prayers – seeing strength, love, courage, and faith at work in everyone and all situations.  Prayer is the foundation.  And the next right thing is that we ask God to show us how to lend material aid.  What is ours to do?  We extend our hand of love and fellowship in the way we are guided.  We must keep this up over the long haul – recovery takes time and fortitude for people are re-building their lives.  Also, Austin has company coming – so we keep our hearts and minds open to evacuees who are already here and on their way – we welcome them.  Unity of Austin is giving our July tithe to Unity Lake Houston – the check is in the mail. Thank you for your generous giving that makes this possible.  And we will be looking ahead to how to support our fellow Unity churches in the months to come.  Also, please come on Sunday prepared to give a second financial gift – we will be sending that donation to the Central TX Food Bank so they can buy Emergency Food Kits.  Please see the information at the bottom of today’ Shine the Light, and the insert in Sunday’s bulletin for other ways to give.  Thank you each and all for who you are and for your generous willingness to always do the next right thing.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,
Rev. Anna


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