You Are the Love of Christmas  —

There’s a story about a man who, having passed from this earthly life, was standing at the proverbial Pearly Gates, seeking admittance from St. Peter.  The man, eager to get in, rolls out all of his many accomplishments, citing credentials, career successes, lofty job titles, service boards–ad infinitum.  But St. Peter is hesitant.  He doesn’t seem satisfied that it is enough for him to open the gates.  The man waits anxiously as St. Peter takes out his own records, poring through them with frowning wrinkled brow.  Then with a great, warm smile, St. Peter suddenly looks up, gazing deeply into the increasingly fearful man’s eyes.  “Ah,” St. Peter exclaims, “my records show that it was you who every day took time in the park to watch the sun come up and throw out seeds for the birds.  Is this accurate?  Was that you?”  Timidly the man replies, “Yes, but I hoped you wouldn’t have recorded that–it was so frivolous of me, just a private joy–not productive!”  But St. Peter grinning, throws open the huge gates, “My son, in truth nothing can keep you out of God’s Kingdom–I was going to open the gates for you no matter what.  But I wanted you first to see yourself the way God sees and loves you–not for your many outer achievements–which are indeed good and a testament to your hard work and dedication.  Yet my son, God looks so much deeper.  God sees your heart.  Come on in.  You and all are most welcome here!  This is the Kingdom of Love.”

You are the love of Christmas.  Give that gift from the Christ in you into the Christ in everyone you encounter.  That’s what Jesus teaches us. That is the Christmas message.  That is what opens the gates into God’s Kingdom of Love.

In the Love and Light of the Christ,

Rev. Anna


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